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Your Visit to Our Lab!

The Preschool Study consists of one visit to our lab, which will last 2-3 hours and is separated into two parts.

The first part of the session will let us learn about your child’s brain. During this part, your child will wear an fNIRS cap while playing computer games designed for preschool-aged children. This cap uses light to measure changes in your child’s brain activity. The games they will play involve memory, self-control, flexible thinking, and mild frustration. Click here to learn more about fNIRS!
While your child plays these computer games, we will ask you to complete some questionnaires about your child's behavior, your positive and negative experiences, and your thoughts and feelings.
The second part of the session will let us learn about your child’s behavior. During this part of the session, your child will complete four brief, structured interactions with our project coordinator. These interactions are designed for preschool-aged children, and are intended to make your child experience mild to moderate levels of happiness, sadness, frustration, and fear. After these interactions, we will invite you and your child to play together as you normally would with toys that we provide. At the very end of the session, we will collect a small hair sample from your child.
You will be compensated for your participation in our study, and your child will receive a small toy as a thank you!
Do you have questions about our study? Click here to see our FAQ!